2022 Florida Gateway Fair

October 28th – November 5th

Inside Vendor Application


2022 Florida Gateway Fair Hours
October 28 – November 5, 2022
Monday – Thursday 5pm-Close
Friday 5pm-Close
Saturday 12pm-Close
Sunday 12pm-Close

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Spaces are 10’ wide x 8’ deep. Prices go up to $25 per booth if paid after August 12, 2022. Vendors that participated in the previous year get the right of first refusal for their booth up until August 12, 2022.
Price: $50.00
Upgrade from Flea Market building to Entertainment Building. $50 per booth (Indicate number requested above)
Price: $5.00
Indicate number of booths
Price: $5.00
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Price: $3.00
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Price: $3.00
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Select which payment method you wish to use. Note, if you choose to pay by check, you must submit the check within 14 days in order to secure your booth.